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1-Month Calendar


By Us For Us:: A Month of
Black and Asian Futurity

Throughout the month of June 2016, we transformed 283 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, a 2000 sq. ft. warehouse space into BUFU Studios. It was created as a physical hub to both showcase our raw footage from Seoul, Tokyo, and Osaka, and to create an intergenerational, multimedia space centering queer, poor, POC, and other marginalized bodies by providing free programming around the themes of Black & Asian futurity & solidarity. It became a physical hub to host alternative ways in which we could collectively develop a new language to better understand the political and cultural relationships amongst Black & Asian diasporas while focusing on how to strengthen our communal ties and build inter-POC solidarity.

This month featured different themes for everyday of the week with dynamic programming under the titles BUFU HEALS, BUFU WORKS, BUFU EATS, BUFU FILMS, BUFU SESSIONS, BUFU TALKS, and BUFU JAMS.

Collaborating with over fifty organizations and individuals, we programmed over 100 events 7 days a week throughout the month of June. BUFU Studios created a different theme for each day to allow our community multiple entry points into conversations on Black & Asian relationships. In the space, we had a list of community agreements that were collectively created with our collaborators and implemented by our community leaders. Through this document, we attempted to ground our space to center poor, queer, disabled, POC and all other marginalized bodies. 


We plan to continue our documentary work by traveling to Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe in December 2016, and China and in India in June 2017. The documentary component of our project will launch in 2017 on our website through an episodic themed structure featuring all of our shooting locations.


Additional Info + Added Events

Bufu Sound Healing
Sound bath by Sunny Quetzalcoatl and Mukyah Gurung

JUNE 19th + 26th
Crystal Healing with Turtle
12 - 2pm

Group Healing: Grievance and Loss facilitated by Houiea Love
6 - 7pm
Reiki energy healing was used to ease the process of grief in an emotionally comforting environment. A group discussion followed. The session ended with prayer and intention setting.

Storytelling Therapy
4 - 7pm

I SPIT on YOUR GRAVE // Redemption & Liberation of the Femme
9pm - 12am
The history of the femme revenge narrative stems farther than we can predispose. For centuries, femmes have fallen victim to (name any specific tool of patriarchy, male supremacy, hegemony, etc.) and retold their stories, reclaimed their narratives, and sought redemption through violence, resilience and redefinition. 

When you think about todays pop culture icons of color (Rihanna, Azealia Banks, Beyonce(?)) we are confronted with a retelling of (dare I say) "classical" femme narratives - these aren't things we haven't seen before but they've taken on a gloss that only popular culture can ingest verdictlessly. 

That is to say, finding the origins of these narratives can contribute to reinterpreting and reclaiming of our consumption of these images. 

This talk revolved around unpacking the semiotics that lie in our favorite music videos and tying them back to older traditions of retelling femme resilience/destruction/ reconstruction narratives. 

Brought to you by the love fam ♥ Jahmal B. Golden ♥

Blak Australia: Film Series & Discussion
5 - 10pm

5.00 - 6.45pm
Traces the life of activist Eddie Mabo and his struggle for indigenous land rights in Australia. 

7.00 pm- 7.30 pm
A satirical short film that explores the relationship between Aboriginal Australians and White Australians by reversing the colonial narrative and gaze. 

"Nicely Coloured Girls"
7.35 pm- 7.50pm
Directed by Tracey Mofett, this short explores the current and historical relationship between white men and Aboriginal women in a colonial setting. This short problematizes images of Aboriginal women as passive and powerless. 

8.00-8.15 PM
Short Film directed by Darlene Johnson about a young Koori girl who 'passes for white' at the local swimming pool. Themes of Aboriginal identity, racial tension and the Swimming pool as a racial institution are explored.

8.30 PM- 10.15 PM
A documentary by John Pilger that explores the experiences of Aboriginal Australians living in remote communities. The film highlights the ongoing psychological, economical and political violence they are subjected to in a colonial context.

An excerpt from a documentary exploring the experiences of Sistagirls community (transgender Aboriginal community) in the TIWI ISLANDS in Australia.

Community discussion
10.25 -11.00pm
post films talk back with film curator & community organizer Xa Ba, a non-indigenous black migrant residing on stolen Wurundjeri land (Melbourne, Australia).

Yoga Class with Luna Simpson
7 - 8:30pm

JUNE 27th
((((((( Private Event )))))))
8pm - 12am

ACTIVE ARCHIVE Volumes is a series of intimate creative dialogues that uses visual arts, performance, and facilitated dialogue intended to celebrate, share, and investigate the largely overlooked legacies in social justice history.

Weaponizing the Internet: Virility and Our Bodies with Devin Kenny
5 - 7PM
A workshop about how POC bodies are consumed online and how we use the internet.

This is What Community Looks Like: Dinner Discussion led by H+ | House of Chow®
7 - 9PM
This dinner conversation will be centered around the experiences, challenges, and contributions of Asian (Americans) in Hip-Hop Dance with top dancers, performers, and choreographers in the field. Dinner catered by H+ | Gastrünamy, the Culinary Division of H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory.

Sensuous Solidarity: A Night of Black & Asian Burlesque
8 - 10pm

Every Wednesday

West African Dance Class led by Kwame Simpson

June 8th
AOKI (2009)
+ Mountains That Take Wing (2010) + The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs (2013)


Homage to our Asian political ancestors who fought for Black Power: Grace Lee Boggs, Yuri Kochiyama, and Aoki.

June 15th
BOBSA: Black Hair + Workshop
Community conversation with BOBSA (Black Owned Beauty Supply Association) after screening


Enter the Dragon (1973)
+ The Last Dragon (1985)

For this double feature we paid homage to a long history of Blaxploitation and Hong Kong Cinema double feature screenings. It has been argued that if it weren't for Black America embracing Hong Kong Cinema when those films were released in the U.S. that they would not have done very well. 

POC Filmmakers Meetup
7 - 10pm

Every Thursdays
Open Studios
BUFU x Ethiopian Surrealism Artist in Residency Program directed by Selam Bekele brought artists of different mediums to explore forms of ritual, ceremony, memory, and surrealism. Through the month of June, artists did research, collaborated, and created work around these themes of connection and transcendence. During Open Studio hours, BUFU Tea was hosted by Christopher Shaw.

June 9th
YJC/BUFU Exhibition Opening
YJC/BUFU Collab Exhibition Opening up June 9 - July 2. This show featured POC Artists as they engage with concepts of 'ANGER' and 'AUTHENTICITY'. 

June 16th
This is What Community Looks Like: Political Education Reading Group
This week's topic of discussion will be centered around street harassment and how it relates to gentrification. 

Open Mic/Session

Queering Grief: A Reading Group and Workshop on Pulse and Charleston Massacres
7 - 9pm
A Political Education "Reading Group" focusing on the Pulse and Charlston Massacres.

In the wake of the Pulse Massacre and the one year anniversary of the Charleston Massacre we come together to mourn and ask the question "Whose bodies are grievable?".

We examined the different ways mourning, and grief over tragedy are expressed when accounting for intersections of race, sexuality, class, and gender. 

This began with a roundtable discussion/reading and then a breaking off into groups to create "collages" to collectively imagine possibilities of mourning together.

POC Podcasters Meetup
7 - 10pm

Karaoke/Session in collaboration with PB & Jams
9 - 12am

June 10th

Solidarity & Discord: Deconstructing the Akai Gurley/Peter Liang Case

This conversation aimed to deconstruct the solidarity & discord surrounding the Akai Gurley and Peter Liang case and the ongoing movement for justice for Akai Gurley and Black Lives Matter. 


Anger & Authenticity: Working Through Projected Politics on Black & Asian Bodies
6 - 9pm
In this BUFU TALK the Yellow Jackets Collective lead us through a talk on how anger & authenticity are coded, socialized, and projected onto Black & Asian bodies within a system of white supremacy.

Decolonizing Anime: White Supremacist Messaging in Japanese Animation
6 - 9pm

In this BUFU TALK we'll be deconstructing white supremacist messaging embedded in some of our favorite anime shows (Dragonball Z, Naruto, etc.) and how that relates to yellowface and upholding white supremacist beauty ideals and messaging.

Imitation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery Film Series
10pm - 12am
This late night double feature we'll be screening episodes from Boondocks and Samurai Champloo

Dream Workshop: A Future-Building Intensive for POC Youth led by Survival Project
10am - 6pm

From Chinatown to Brooklyn to the Bronx: Gentrification Front Lines
6 - 9pm
A facilitated discussion about gentrification in different POC neighborhoods here in NYC with folks who are doing work on the front lines.

BUFU x lovelove
9pm - 12am

This is What Community Looks Like: Political Education Reading Group
7 - 9pm

Whose Streets?! An Open Dialogue on Street Harassment, Gentrification, and the Social Politics of Public Space in NYC. 
How do we define street harassment? What happens when we expand the traditional definitions to include over policing and policies like Stop and Frisk and Broken Windows? Can ‘street harassment’ ever be a form of resistance in the face of gentrification? How can we collectively make our streets safer spaces? What will it take to shift our culture?

Free Em All: Remembering Yuri and Our Political Prisoners
On June 1st, Yuri Kochiyama passed after dedicating her life to social movements and lifting up the connected struggle of our people. During this time, she spent time specifically fighting for the release of political prisoners. Speakers included Dequi Sadiki Kionni of The Jericho Movement and Malcolm X Commemoration Committee and members of the Yuri Malcolm and Mural Project: A collaboration between YMMP, BUFU, Jericho Movement and Active Archive:Vol.1 Afro-Asian Solidarity and Kinship.

POC Cosplay Meet Up: Why "The Bindi Ain't Indie:" An Open Dialogue on Cultural Appropriation in the Nerd and Geek Community
12 - 4pm
This meetup was for cosplayers of color to mix & mingle, take photos, and engage in critical dialogue about the differences between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange, especially as it relates to cosplay.


Vinyasa Yoga with Chauncie
3 - 5pm

BUFU BAES: A Critical Look at Sex, Fetish & Our Bodies
5 - 7pm
Sonia Choi facilitated a conversation taking a close look at how fetishization and exotification play out on Black & Asian bodies through porn and other popularly consumed media and how it affects real life interactions and interpersonal relationships.

9pm - 2am

HAFU Documentary Screening + Discussion on Mixed Race Identity
2 - 5pm
BUFU had the opportunity to see the film and meet & interview some of the folks from Mixed Roots Japan:ミックスルーツ・ジャパン(多文化市民社会対話プラットフォーム) while in Tokyo this past January and we are happy to have screened it for June, followed by a critical discussion about mixed race identity and politics.

Vinyasa Yoga with Chauncie
3 - 5pm

Transracial & Transnational Adoption: Building Homes//
Making Self
4 - 6pm
A conversation about transracial and transnational adoption and how it intersects with displacement, migration, diaspora, consent, and identity. How do we heal? How do we build? What is our future?

NGR Workshops/Session
6 - 10pm
The Journey of the Asiatic people.
Through the "lands" & "times": discovering and exporting novelty, culture, and resources. From Nubia to Japan, Turkey to New York, and right here to the future

10pm - 2am

June 31st
PB & Jams
9pm - 12am

BUFU Closing Celebration!::
Capoeira Roda
12 - 2pm
Capoeira Muçurumim X ACUPE do Brooklyn

"Deconstructing the Alien/Extraterrestrial as a Subject of Orientalism"
12 - 2pm
A community discussion that explored the popular image of the otherworldly alien as a conduit through which we experience orientalism, colonization, and femmephobia. How do we navigate the world as aliens? How do our ancestors and homelands relate to the extraterrestrial? What does it mean for us to co-opt a spaceship and get free?

Solidarity & Discord: Manifesting Change
3 - 5pm
A conversation to continue to deconstruct the solidarity & discord surrounding Akai Gurley and the Peter Liang trial and the ongoing movement for justice for Akai Gurley and Black Lives Matter. It’s been about 19 months since Akai Gurley was shot and killed while visiting the Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn by NYPD officer Peter Liang. In our discussion we’ll start by hearing facts about Liang’s conviction and trial process that led to his minimal sentencing, the key players that dictated that outcome and the responses seen throughout the city. What does justice for Akai Gurley looks like? What’s going on now? What are we doing as individuals, as a community?

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan Presents:
“Field Research: Vinyl Culture and Record Digging Throughout Asia”

H+ | SOUL SCIENCE® Workshop
5pm - 7pm
For over 25 years, H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory in New York founded by Hip-Hop dance educator, choreographer and philanthropist Safi A. Thomas has been providing pedagogy in The BLADE Dance Technique® (S. Thomas, 1995) that is open to dancers of ALL levels.

H+ | SOUL SCIENCE® is a structured, disciplined, caring, nonjudgmental environment that takes you through the foundational cornerstones of the art: Popping, Boogaloo, Locking, Rocking, Breaking, and Party Dance in both choreography and freestyle.

Higher Self Readings with Houiea Love
5pm - 7pm

Closing Panel & Performance "R U 4 Real: An Exhibition on Anger and Authenticity"
7 - 10pm
Closing reception of "R U 4 Real: An Exhibition on Anger and Authenticity"

ARTIST TALK | 7:30pm

The artists of "R U 4 Real will discuss their work in the exhibition, exploring themes of anger, authenticity, and communal space.


A peformance by artist Sophia Mak

DJ Set Andrew Phan
7 - 8pm

DJ Set Gio Escobar
8 - 9pm

BUFU Artists In Residence “Performance+Art Share”
10 - 11pm
Benny Oyama 

Femmepremacy X BUFU Present:
11pm - 3:30am

All Day: BUFU Clothing Swap