Week 1: Past Studies

7/16 Empathy and Race Theory

Shared by Mario Smith

@ Radical Love 130 Palmetto st., BK

7/17 Kinnecting to the Difficult Child through the Creative Arts

Shared by Luz Emma Cañas Madrigal

@ metaDEN (POC ONLY) 1814 Bleecker st., BK

Contact: rhythmandbreath@gmail.com

Class description: This course is based on a book by the same name. Kinnecting is a healing movement modality that uses Creative Arts Therapy (Dance, Art, Music, Drama) and behavior modification to heal difficult behaviors and childhood trauma in children. Information that will be shared is beneficial to parents, caretakers, professionals that work with children and/or if you have a wounded child within yourself. 

Trigger/Content warnings: Sexual and physical abuse in children. Early childhood trauma.

7/18 Exploring Fears, Dreams, and Beliefs together

Shared by Dre Granera

@ Playground Coffee 1114 Bedford ave., BK

Class description: In this hour and a half we will hold a ritualistic circle of articulating our fears, dreams, and beliefs with each other, anonymously - with the option to share non-anonymously afterward. At the end, we will explore what the commonalities amongst our answers were, and what we can take away from that. This is going to be reverent and ritualistic space. 

7/20 Composting For the People

Shared by Luz Cruz & Grace Naw

@ The Living Studio 466 Grand St. New York, NY

Class description: This will be a hands-on workshop where we learn about the science, systems, and conversations around compost through a racial justice and climate justice lens while making it together. Climate change + gases + effects on marginalized peoples, migration. We will be talking about the relationship of capitalism and waste/ various ways to reduce waste. We will also cover the state of NY’s soil, NY waste 

history, and current organics waste system. 

Song of the Spirit

Shared by Bea Anderson

@ The Living Studio 466 Grand St. New York, NY

Class description: "SONG OF THE SPIRIT" is freeing the Silenced Voice.  A journey that builds our relationship to song, breath, sound and plant allies as vehicles for prayer, ancestral reverence and a conjuring of our own spirit.

7/21 Radical Honesty & Reimagining

Shared by Ginny Huo

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: 

Radical Honesty and Re-Imaginings: Breaking Mythology begins to dissect the lies and myths that we believe. Inspired by the readings from Adrienne Maree Brown “Pleasure Activism” through hands-on exercises, journaling, questioning, discussion, and re-imaginings we will dissect what is our truth and how do we speak for our needs of how we feel and what we want.

Relationships & Health (How To Talk to Me 101)

Shared by Mickala McFarlane

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: 

Education on the types of abuse, the cycle of abuse and communication techniques to help transition those currently in an abusive relationship, whether romantic or platonic. 

Week 2: Love Studies

7/22 Amor Prohibido: Mobility, Free Trade and the Possibility of Romantic Love

Shared by Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: 

In this course, we will think about how issues of labor, mobility and the possibility of romantic love converge in Selena Quintanilla's 1994 hit album, "Amor Prohibido." We will think about how the album was produced during a time of intense international and political preoccupation with the supply chain, immigration, labor and security. These preoccupations took shape through agreements like NAFTA, and the period massive dispossession and exploitation that those agreements ushered in. Additionally, we will consider how popular memories of Selena invoke her as a paragon of social mobility, attractiveness and feminine respectability. 

7/23 Food Scamming

Shared by WYFY Food Scamming Committee

@ Radical Love 130 Palmetto st., BK

Class description:

“Here, this here, is what a person can do if they put their mind to it and their back in it. Stop sniveling,’ [the land] said. ‘Stop picking around the edges of the world. Take advantage, and if you can’t take advantage, take disadvantage. We live here. On this planet, in this nation, in this county right here. Nowhere else! We got a home in this rock, don’t you see! Nobody starving in my home; nobody crying in my home, and if I got a home you got one too! Grab it. Grab this land! Take it, hold it, my brothers, make it, my brothers, shake it, squeeze it, turn it, twist it, beat it, kick it, kiss it, whip it, stomp it, dig it, plow it, seed it, reap it, rent it, buy it, sell it, own it, build it, multiply it, and pass it on – can you hear me? Pass it on!” 

― Toni Morrison

Food Scamming will be a collective questioning of how to show up for each other and with the land in a world with increasing food waste, immense hunger, and systematic disconnection from our sources of nourishment. Resource sharin, skill buildin, dumpster tours, and more. DIVE DIVE DIVE. 

7/24 Pleasure in the Black Body

Shared by Nana Chinara

@ metaDEN (POC ONLY) 1814 Bleecker st., BK

Class description: Pleasure in the Black Body is a movement based workshop that centers on moving from a place of pleasure and joy, and releasing all that does not serve us. Drawing on Audre Lorde's "The Uses of the Erotic", this space is the process of finding liberated movement and defying forces that oppress Black folks. We will look at desires, pleasures, and the fears that prevent us from indulging. We manifest tools for releasing our fears, and embody our pleasures unapologetically, by inviting them to live in and on our bodies.  Participants will be led in a movement and writing based practice, alongside self research practices as a basis for movement composition and choreography. No dance experience required, all bodies are moving and dancing bodies, and we will create movement that serves us in sanctifying our bodies. This space actively welcomes Queer, Trans, gender-defying, disabled, and migrant folks. 

7/25 Off the Clock and On One: An Introduction to Galactic Consciousness & the Dreamspell Calendar

Shared by Yohana Zecarias

@ Radical Love 130 Palmetto st., BK

Class description: “Off the Clock and On One” is an introduction to the Dreamspell calendar created by José Argüelles in 1987. In this class, students will learn the basics of the Mayan calendar systems, the power of 13, activating synchronicities, and an entryway into galactic consciousness. Students will come away knowing their own Galactic Signature and a daily practice of tuning into the day’s meditation. The class will be held on July 25, 2019, the annual Day Out Of Time, a global celebration of timelessness and victory through love. We will hold space in the class to celebrate love, peace, and the initiation of the new year on July 26, 2019.

7/26 Break

7/27 QTPOC Flower Walk

Shared by Sajo Jefferson

@ Jardín Comunitario Los Colibries 219 34th St. Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Class description: This class will be an experimental philosophical garden workshop thinking ancestral black indigenous farming techniques and ideologies and how these technologies can influence our ways of being on this planet in this moment as we reckon with the great violence across species that racial capitalism and 

colonialism are causing. We will be centering the conversation on our bodies and the bodies and lives of the beings that surround "us" and explore how redefining us can inform how we build intimacy with place and each other. 

Laughing at the Power - Pombagira enchanting female experiences

Shared by Luisa Marinho

@ Jardín Comunitario Los Colibries 219 34th St. Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Class description: "The Pombagira - deity that comes from the Angolan-Congolese tradition is the manifestation of the power that emanates from the streets in the New World. The laughter of Pombagira is one of the most distinctive elements of the 'entity's incorporation in diasporic religions. Because it is mysterious and debauched, scandalous and depraved, the laughter of the entity displaces the center of power. I propose to work with the group on the joint investigation the performative power of mockery and ridicule in its vital functions of de-structuring the standardized establishment of economic, social, and especially sexual powers. 

7/28 Crashing Waves

Shared by Yellow Jackets Collective

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: “Our histories, our archives, our stories have been tampered by whiteness, erasing our complexities, our complicit moments, and our triumphs. How can we imagine our histories and futures — taking into account Settler Colonialism, intergenerational trauma, and migration — in a way that is healing, and pushes us towards our imagined utopias. How can we confront differences in language and generational learning? How can we acknowledge the traumas of our families (biological, chosen, etc) without erasing our own realities. This workshop will be a space of exploration and dialogue around our different and shared histories as settlers of turtle island, paying specific attention to the relationship between different waves of AAPI migration, Black, brown and indigenous communities.”

Snatch, Beat, Slay, Repeat: The Erasure of Black Queens in Modern Day Drag

Shared by Tasnia Islam

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: In this class, we will aim to have intentional and thoughtful discourse surrounding the origins of house-ballroom culture, the underground LGBTQ+ subculture created and practiced originally by the black queer community of 1980's New York City. Through various academic texts, articles, and multimedia, we aim to observe how aspects of ball culture and drag performance have been capitalized upon in modern society with a respectful and critical lens. As a class, we will work together to nurture a greater respect for drag culture and the black queens at its forefront. More importantly, we will develop a sense of self awareness in the ways we may be complicit in the erasure of black drag queens, discuss means through which we can practice allyship to the black queer community, and ultimately pay respect to this celebrated art form. 

Trigger/Content warning: This class will touch upon the epidemic of violence against the queer community, specifically black trans youth. 

Computer Love-Making: A femme-centered approach to creating electronic music and art

Shared by Anjali N

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: WTF is a femme-centered approach? How can art-making & computer usage be femme-centered? How can computers be used to heal from emotional trauma? How are we normally expected to use technology? How does that differ from computer usage which is femme-centered?

Week 3: Body Studies

7/29 House Party Federation: Underground Artist Networks in the Caribbean

Shared by Luna Olavarria Gallegos

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description:

HOUSE PARTY FEDERATION is an archive of physical and digital objects and knowledges that recognize a greater Black-Atlantic network for what it is: a collection of places / times that constantly produce global pop culture. The project re-imagines what the triangle trade means to us. This is the most realistic place because it is the place in which all the conditions for our art have been created —the space in which we are not slaves, but Gods— creators of not only food, buildings and railways, but also culture.

reworking curvatures: re-applying material/cyborg feminism

Shared by mumtaz afreen hammad

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: within material feminism, a particular emergent branch called cyborg feminism has been taking strident approaches in analysing how the state of "being" is always already reformulated through the global capitalist matrix, notably in a posthumanist lens. this class will seek to briefly explore the topical content of cyborg feminism in hopes for students to widen their perspectives of theoretical analysis, making contemporary feminist theory accessible for students, allowing students to formulate new theoretical frameworks to think about the future of the self and societies as a whole. 

7/30 Thank God For Abortion: A One Soul at a Time Practice

Shared by Viva Ruiz

@ Radical Love 130 Palmetto st., BK

Class description: An invitation to be in conversation about the power of one on one interactions. I can share with you how TGFA found itself by simply being a door to reclaiming Spirit in the realm of abortion. We can talk about your abortions, mine - or no body’s! I would like to host a circle where we testify on how intimate interactions have made the biggest impacts in work, in life. Pro abortion propaganda gifts and fun guaranteed. A scheme and support situation, a sharing, a holding space.

7/31 Twerk Shop: Workshop

Shared by BriFreí

@ metaDEN (POC ONLY) 1814 Bleecker st., BK

Class description: Twerk Shop is a class to learn different ways to love on yourself have fun & move your body. We would be focusing on moving sacral energy all throughout the body and allowing self to feel empowered by that movement. Drawing from self developed practice we are taking twerking to the next level & pushing through any blockages we may have inadvertently helped to create. Another focus of Twerk Shop is being able to support the twerker as a way of building community similar to cyph culture. The Twerk Shop is a place where we all learn how to ignite sexual energy and have full access to that energy at anytime, especially when we are feeling funky. 

8/1 #DivestfromInstagram: Reclaiming Attention with Currency

Shared by Neema Githere

@ Playground Coffee 1114 Bedford ave., BK

Class description:

8/2 Break

8/3 Expanding the Boundaries of Indigeneity

Shared by Mesiah Burciaga-Hameed & Owl

@ The Africa Center

1280 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029

Rethinking Romance and Erotica

Shared by Tara Kenny

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description:
Rethinking Romance and Erotica invites participants to consider, reconsider, subvert, play with, and position themselves, their communities, and the cutie protagonists of their wildest dreams within the “romance and erotica” genre. Romance/erotica writing is traditionally exclusionary, reinforcing heteronormativity, racism, classism, and ableism. This class aims to move the genre beyond those boundaries by inviting participants to place their desires, bodies, and outlandish ideas within their own stories.

Trigger warnings: Discussions of heteronormativity, racism, classism, ableism in traditional romance/erotica. 

WYFY FIELD TRIP! 8/9 Remembering Our Plantcestors: Water Ceremony & Plant Walk

Shared by Antonia Estela Perez

@ 158th & Riverside along the Mahicantuk (Hudson) River

Class description: Water Ceremony at 9am. FREE

Gather with us in meeting the plants that thrive along the Mahicantuk (Hudson) River. We will be learning to identify several of these medicinal plant beings as we walk along this ancestral land.

On this walk you will learn

-How to meet plants

-Plant Identification

-Brief history of Mahicantuk and Manahatta

-Medicinal and nutritional properties of plants

-Overview of how to make medicine

-Honorable harvest

Meeting point is 158th street and Riverside. You will receive an email with exact location after registering.

Week 4: Present Studies

8/11 Crypto on the Blockchain

Shared by Casmir Mercedes Patterson

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: A non tech deep dive into crypto-economic incentives and how to run a crypto trading desk. The basics to jumping into crypto from scratch and explaining decentralized consensus and applications that use smart contracts. May ask students to bring in a laptop and a smartphone as they may want/need to download a wallet and something to write down and save their keys. Students will learn how to write a "Hello World" contract and create their own crypto non-fungible-tokens. Some familiarity with virtual goods and digital currencies would be encouraged but not necessary to attend the class. 

Machine Learning

Shared by Maya Man

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: The goal of this class is to demystify machine learning and explore how machine learning tools have and can be used for artistic expression. Participants will learn about the concept of machine learning, its history and critical issues, examples of art projects that use ML, and begin exploring resources that allow them to start experimenting with ML on their own. No pre-requisites or prior knowledge is required.

Decentralized Networks

Shared by Taeyoon Choi

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: “Distributed Web of Care is an initiative to code to care and code carefully. The project imagines the future of the internet and consider what care means for a technologically-oriented future. The project focuses on personhood in relation to accessibility, identity, and the environment, with the intention of creating a distributed future that’s built with trust and care, where diverse communities are prioritized and supported. The project is composed of collaborations, educational resources, skillshares, an editorial platform, and performance. Announcements and documentation are hosted on this site, as well as essays by select artists, technologists, and activists.”

8/12 Being Human As Praxis

Shared by Xiaowei R. Wang

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: 

We will examine the map as a form of representation and unravel how mapping, distance and quantification have served as tools of power and colonization. So much of "being" and "being human" has been mapped and understood through the idealized, rational, white Enlightenment era man. In this class, we will unmap, and decolonize the map. We will translate these maps into physical forms -- drawings, sketches, collages, collections. 

Re-imagining Debt & Sustainability: A Collective Approach

Shared by Laurel Newnham

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Contact: laurel.newnham@gmail.com

Class description: This class will explore the diverse approaches to debt as described in David Graeber's book Debt: The First 5000 Years, with an emphasis on collective generation of future modes of debt-relation and debt culture.

8/13 Real Hot Girl Shit - The Resurgence of the “Female” Emcee

Shared by Shaira 

@ Radical Love 130 Palmetto st., BK

Class description: Growing up, we listened to Lauryn Hill croon about self-esteem, Missy Elliot rap about sexual agency, TLC warning us about dating people who aren't worthy of our time. Hip-hop became the language of our movements, our development and our self-preservation, too. Regardless of the ways in which mainstream hip-hop perpetuates misogyny and anti-blackness, it still made us who we are. And now that we're older - whether navigating the world as millennials or Gen Xers - we look to icons like Cardi, City Girls, Freedia (the queen diva), Megan, Mykki, Rico, and so many more to keep us dancing, keep us whole, and remind us who the f*ck we are.

8/14 Queer Afrofuturism & QTPoC Spacemaking

Shared by Jourdan Sayers

@ metaDEN (POC ONLY) 1814 Bleecker st., BK

Class description: Queer Afrofuturism in place, to me, is rewriting and (re)creating places to both center and proliferate Black and queer and trans life both now and in the future. The class will begin by mapping their own experiences with QTPOC spacemaking and then discuss what supports that for them. We’ll then talk about what the State presents us as queer spaces and the ways that comes to us through a logic of sanitation presented in memorials, historic preservation, and institutionalization and producing gentrification, policing, and erasure of intersectional histories (i.e. whitewashing). We’ll expand on the comparison between how we make queer space and how the State sanitizes queer space by sharing responses from surveys I conducted in 2018 during Pride at Riis and the reasons QTPOC gave for choosing to be at the beach instead of the parade. We’ll find Afrofuturist themes in the way people gather at Riis and then revisit the initial mapping of our own experiences with QTPOC spacemaking with a similar orientation.

8/15 Radical Mapping w/ the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Shared by Ariana Faye Allensworth, Sam Raby, and Manon Vergerio

@ Playground Coffee 1114 Bedford ave., BK

Class description: In this workshop facilitated by the members of the NYC chapter of the Anti Eviction Mapping Project, participants will explore how data visualization, digital storytelling, and collective participatory research makes visible what gentrification obscures. Using AEMP’s Narratives of Displacement & Resistance Map — which places neighborhood and eviction oral histories on an interactive map — as a springboard for conversation, we will explore the ways in which radical mapping can amplify movement work. 

Trigger/Content Warnings: houselessness/displacement

8/17 Fuck Poverty

Shared by Flo Glo 

@ La Finca Del Sur

Class description: Fuck Poverty is a workshop designed to bridge the awareness of the roots of poverty to our physical experiences, the mindstate it creates, and how it can inform psychosomatic pain. Through this workshop we identify, initiate healing, and sow seeds of new growth through meditation, music, talking, and creating a take-home juju bag and resource kit to steep in solar wealth and personal power, while eradicating the shame of pain made by design. 

8/18 Storytelling with Nonhumans

Shared by nire / erin cooney

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: There is constant interspecies communication in the animal/plant/fungal world, that humans used to be more intimately entangled with on a wider scale. What kind of energy/information can we receive and what are the ways we can prime ourselves to be open to communion with nonhumans? Using our whole bodies to commune with, we can find stories/energies throughout our physical selves. This workshop combines somatic exercises, communion techniques with nonhumans and creative writing.

Website Design as Personal Storytelling

Shared by Jackie Liu

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Contact: jackieleeliu@gmail.com

Class description: This class will be about workshopping one's self and translating one's personal story into their own personal website. Students will introspect into their own narratives; who they are, what they're most proud of, what they want to share with the world, what their vision is for the future, etc. Then, students will explore how to communicate those findings into a personal website design, with paper prototyping methods, and leave the class with an understanding of what tools and step-by-step resources they can use to bring their websites to life with no prior coding background.

Tracing Ancestry: Dance, Lineage, and our Bodies

Shared by Rigoberto Lara Guzmán,  Malcolm-x Betts, Marcus Brittain Fleming

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: This class is about lineage. We will use dance, storytelling, code, and cartography to make contact with our ancestors. The goal is to remember, invoke, and move with the past as a way to access the present. 

Week 5: Earth Studies

8/19 Not Today, Not Ever: Decentralizing Neurotypical Privilege

Shared by Haleigh Nickerson

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: Not Today, Not Ever! Decentralizing Neurotypical Privilege and Re-Thinking Neuro Diversity  explores the ways in which we understand perpetuate and can actively work to decentralize neurotypical privilege.  

Conjure 4 the People

Shared by Dan Carroll

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: 

Earth-ling Rapid Care

Shared by gloria galvez & shabina toorawa

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: Our class would share practices of general first response by encouraging participant's spatial awareness through exercises in their every day environments and helping map out resources based on the geographical location. The class would consist of a tourniquet emergency wound care strategy, deep, focusing on emergency first response without medical professionals. The class will be incorporating death as a part of survival, and decentering human survivalism to think through larger ideas of natural disasters and response that include the earth and other earth-lings. 

Trigger Warnings: Death, Body Trauma, Images and Imagining Wounds 

8/20 How to Protect Your Voice in Acts of War

Shared by Olithea

@ Radical Love 130 Palmetto st., BK

Class description: 

8/21 Sensory Science: Using Scent & Sound to Honor Us

Shared by Rahel & Scz

@ metaDEN (POC ONLY) 1814 Bleecker st., BK

Class description: Sensory Science asks us to honor our past, hold our present, and imagine, create, and travel to future times using scent and sound as portals to freedom. Being mindful of this, we will all flow between being both teacher and student, sharing our stories, creating new stories, and re-writing old ones if we so choose. This class is intended to be one that ignites healing, transformation, and joy. Participants will leave with a 5ml essential oil roll on.

8/22 Fruiting Bodies: Black Labor in Art & Agriculture

Shared by Zoe Scruggs

@ Playground Coffee 1114 Bedford ave., BK

Class description: This class will explore the history of exploitation of Black Labor in art and agriculture. This class with look at these histories in order to contextualize Black people/people of color's modern day relationship to labor. We will also contextualize these histories in order to learn about the tools we have to maximize the benefits we receive from farmings and art. Lastly, I hope that in this class I can uplift the work and  artists, creatives, farmers, artist collectives, grassroots organizations, etc are doing so that people can support and connect with them.

8/24 Story of Your Inner Child

Shared by Fatima

@Brotherhood Sister Sol

Class description: We will use storytelling, art-making, and writing as a tool to access information, analyze, and deepen the love for our inner child. Since this class encourages us to be vulnerable, there will be time to indulge in guided meditations and movements. One of the many goals of this class is to re-empower ourselves and our inner child by thinking of what makes us feel comforted, excited, and free. We will use this knowledge to develop our very own mini-zines that will include affirmations and solutions towards more loving ways of interacting with ourselves and the world around us. Join this class if you feel called to challenge and heal harmful personal behavior and thought patterns rooting from your childhood.

Trigger Warnings: white supremacy, capitalism - childhood trauma (sexual abuse, domestic violence, depression, suicide, etc)

Painting/Mark Making in the Post-Apocalypse 

Shared by Karen Hall

@Brotherhood Sister Sol

Class description: In this class we will be learning how to use different easy to find tools, in our immediate environment, to draw and make different types of marks. We will be learning how to prepare surfaces of any kind, materials easily found on the street, to draw and paint in a way that is more archival/permanent. We will explore this and the different types of pigment or binders that have been used throughout time, like egg yolk and beeswax. If the end of the world came there ARE ways to still create art during our last days.

Making Plant Tinctures

Shared by Sarah Wang

@Brotherhood Sister Sol

Class description: 

8/25 DIY Archiving Workshop

Shared by Jazmin Jones

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description:

Opening Ears, Slowing Tongues: Towards Multilingual Space Building

Shared by Sofia Butnaru & Laura Cadena

@ SFPC 155 Bank st., NY

Class description: Like any other material in the makeup of an ecosystem, languages can be leveraged to bring about transformed communal experiences. Still, institutionalized discourses have participated in the stifling “stabilization” of language ecologies through streamlined, monolingual formats. This class will gather the WYFY community to discuss, articulate, and build multilingual space building practices that treat language multiplicity not as a barrier, but rather as a generative means of fostering rigorous and renewed conversation. 

Trigger/Content warning: forced migration, xenophobia, racism, silencing, colonialism, repression, gender dysphoria, classism, ableism

Week 6: Future Studies

8/26 “All That You Touch You Change” Collectively Envisioning Our Future(s)

Shared by Nia Aisha and Susana Ayesha

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: Given the reality of climate chaos and the condition of all indigenous peoples within white supremacist capitalism, protecting our individual and collective imaginations is key to liberation. Using "Parable Of the Sower" as a backdrop we will participate in the Black Radical Tradition (a tool kit that involves analysis of the past, present, and future). In this space, we will dream and collectively envision freedom, arm ourselves with the knowledge and the skills necessary to survive/adapt to any manifestation of struggle, and shape our realities to align with our collective dream. This course ultimately seeks to honor the legacy of our ancestral freedom fighters. 

TRIOS & Black Liberation-Healing

Shared by Nicole Lavonne Smith

Online Course (apply as student through the BUFU website)

Class description: TRIOS = time, rhythm, improv, orality, spirituality is Dr. Naim Akbar's psychological theory of the African legacy in American culture. I want to highlight the connection between this theory and capoeira in particular, but for the purpose of allowing students to make the connection to the art form/s of their choice. The goal is to foster understanding of how this concept, and our art forms can be utilized as instruments of healing our cultural traumas (present and historical). 

8/27 <alt+shift techno-ecologies>

Shared by KhoKhoi 

@ Radical Love 130 Palmetto st., BK

Class description: @dreampr00fx activates techno-ecologies of plant medicine as global roots in a networked society. In this class, we will study Anxiety / Memory / Heart / Pain (2 classes each) from the lens of plant spirit, as well as in the context of urban digital, indigenous cultures, movement somatics, community and cosmological activism. This is to say that ‘nature’ is the immersive experience we humans & life-agents co-create: how can we be conscious of the techno-ecologies we play into & control? We will navigate this inquiry with Anxiety / Memory / Heart / Pain @dreampr00fx medicine at IRL events in NYC, with URL Live-streaming and audio+video recording. While these events will be diverse in content, venue, location, audience (from conference style table talks, to in the park journey walks), they will all deal in some way around alternative shiftings in our hyper mediated environments.

8/28 Drafting neo-Cyber-Feminism(s) for the People

Shared by Olivia Ross

@ metaDEN (POC ONLY) 1814 Bleecker st., BK

Class description: The goal of this class is to use some of the energy from cyberfeminism to develop our own theories and praxis on building collaborative futures and expanding how we define technology. Rather than just studying the ideas of classical cyberfeminism, I would like this class to revolve around using it as a jumping board for thinking creatively about technology's place in the revolution. 

8/31 La Sala 2.5: Femme 4 Femme Flirting

Shared by Lee Jiménez 

@ El Sol Brillante Garden

Class description:

Historically, salas have been spaces for storytelling, building strategy, and basking in joy and pleasure. La Sala honors and uplifts the ways we expand and envision with community, and is a collaborative incubator that centers queer, trans, and gender non-conforming (QTGNC), Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPoC). La Sala Volume 2.5: Femme 4 Femme Flirting 101 is for BIPoC femmes only. This is for femmes who want to explore and expand upon their desires around femme for femme intimacy and relationships.

Hi-Jack Harvest: Urban Diaspora transactions in Ancestral Food Pyramids

Shared by Sheena Crystalyn Sepulveda

@ El Sol Brillante Garden

Class description: Hijack Harvest is looking into the broad, effective,  and urban availability of our Ancestral Crops, Fruits, and Herbs to building  an individualized Ancestral Diet. Highlights will center around hyper - capitalism alternatives of harvesting such as Street Vending, Ethic Food Zones, Diaspora & Immigrant Bonded Gardens, and Bartering.  Students will be encouraged as the diaspora to trace their raw ancestral foods to IRL Cultural Hubs within N.Y.C.