Throughout the month of July 2017, BUFU organized daily pop-up programming focused on collective organizing and how build together through art, healing, activism, and nightlife. The theme of collective organizing was divided into four parts, each week highlighting different types of collectives; Nightlife Collectives (Ragga, Haute Sauce, Femmepremacy), Healing Collectives (Brotherhood Sister Sol, QTPOC Mental Health Initiative, Harriet’s Apothercary), Art Collectives (Art Hoe Collective, Get Artists Paid, South Asian Diaspora Artists Collective), and Organizing Collectives (BWA for BLM, Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network). Continuing the vision of multi-faceted programming to allow for multiple entry-points to the conversation of solidarity, each day was dedicated to a different theme- BUILD WITH US, WATCH WITH US, LEARN WITH US, CREATE WITH US, EAT WITH US, CELEBRATE WITH US. With the intention of increasing accessibility, programming was held in a variety of spaces throughout each borough of NYC, including community centers, museums, bars, rooftops, and basements.

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Where u at fam?

What u up to?

How u building?

How ur love life?

The stars treating u well?

U feeling supported?
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Welcome to “US” 
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Workshops // Skillshares // Conversations // Healing Cyphers // Performances // Parties // Jams // Potlucks // Film Screenings // Dance Classes // QTPOC Cuteness/Realness // Astrological Guidance // Festivals //


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From Museums to Bars to Community Centers to Gardens to Warehouses to Your Old High School Friends Backyard to a Park we are trying our best to build as thoroughly as possible with you

Let’s build up our skills while we also get down
Let’s fuck shit up and turn the fuck up
Let’s love, protect, and support each other


Brief schedule description:
SUNDAYS:: Build with US
"Join us in collaboration with collectives across the city for day long programing centered around what it takes to build and sustain our relationships

11:00am - 6:00pm
Starting off with a day of meditation wherein we will work to set intentions for the month and be present with each other

The rest of the Sunday feature:
A meditation/workshop series on healing intergenerational trauma

A community check in //lunch //cooking class

Workshops in partnership with local based collectives around sustainability, self care, safety, and self determination

A community talk on the relationships between Gentrification, Displacement, and Immigration in each borough

Decolonizing Self Defense Workshop

8:00pm - 12:00am
Special events//evening workshops like "QTPOC Speed Dating", Real Crit: A Black Artists-Only Art Critique Group", "Crowning Glory: A Discussion & Skillshare on Hair", "Queer Intimacy: Beyond Sex Positivity & The Romance Model"

MONDAYS:: Watch with US
 8:30pm - 12:00am
"Join is for some sunset backyard film screenings highlighting work by POC filmmakers"

TUESDAYS:: Learn with US
5:00 - 9:00pm
"Join us to get your life with some astrological guidance following with workshops to help us grow our organizer skill sets and Co-Create better models of safety"

WEDNESDAYS:: Create with US
5:00 -6:00pm
"Join us following the stories of our inner and outer bodies starting with dances classes - SOCA &West African
followed by performative talks

9:00pm -12:00am
&& ending the night in some incredible theatrical&burlesque performances!

**In addition our final Wednesday of the month we'll be holding a hang night inviting any//all our fam to share work on the walls of SPR!"

THURSDAYS:: Talk with US
"Join us for lovingly critical conversations with collectives across disciplines - focusing on skillshares, how we build together, holding ourselves//each other accountable with love, and support each other in the work"

FRIDAYS:: Eat with US
"Join is for in the early evening a teen centered space By/For/Led by youth collective House of Diablos & Museum Teen Summit

A "Emergent Strategy" Reading Group deconstructing adrianne maree brown's latest book "a radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help designed to shape the futures we want to live"

7:00- 10pm
A community salon/potluck with all our fave nyc collectives featuring different happenings//offerings each week"

SATURDAYS :: Celebrate with US
"Join us as we build and get down/party with our fave QTPOC nightlife collectives!

11:00am - 2:00pm
POC Performers Meet Up // build with other artists across performance mediums - sharing -making ✨

2:00pm - 10:00pm
All day vendors market

Day parties
Night parties

Catch a vibe"

Individual collaborators

Adair Greene, Adaku Utah, Adrian Miles, Akiera Charles, Alexis Men-Ra, Alice Yang(哈佛姐的不正經學術之旅),Alive & Carefree, Ali Rosa-Salas, Aliyah Hakim, Andrea Granera, Andrew Yu, Artax Noom, Asia Alman,  Bea Anderson,Benjamin Lundberg, Burnest Griffin IV, Candace Williams, Chazz Giovanni Bruce, Chris Udemezue, Danielle SaintLouis, Joygill Moriah, Darnell Davis, Denae Famada, Devin Kenny, Djali Syèl Brown-Cepeda, Djibril Sall, Dom Chatterjee, Dānní Hú-Yáng, Dyani Douze, Emily Mock, Esther Hur, Fatima Dizon, Fatimah White,  Frances A. Perez, Gabrielle Richardson, Ginger Ging-Dwan, Gisela Zuniga, Glenda Ullauri, Hana Jama, Hannah Assebe,Imani Dennison, Jamilla Okubo, Javarius Jones, Jhani Miller, Jillian White, Julian Xeer,Justin Brandon Kinard, Katherine White, Kei Williams, Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence, Lamar Stephens, Lanai Daniels, Lee Jiménez, Lesig Aradne, Ling Xuan, Luna Olavarria Gallegos, Mariam Torou, Mayan Catherine, Melody Sakura, Nadia Bourne, Natalie Renteria, Natalie Wells, Nati Conrazon, Olu Alege, Parissah Lin, Raven Cassell, Raïssana Matoma Levis,Saleem Gondal, Sanchez Rojas Rafelina, Sarula Bao, Sayre M. Quevedo, Shannon Matesky Shannon Shird,Shayna Janelle, Shydeia Caldwell, Taehee Whang, Tiffany Liu, Tygapaw, Vanessa Newman, Veronica Agard, Ximena Alejandra Izquierdo Ugaz, Yeelen Cohen, ++more 

Alive & Carefree·Art Hoe Collective·ARTrepreneurship·Black Alliance for Just Immigration·Black Lives Matter NYC·Black Girl Lit·Black Girl Magik·Brotherhood Sister Sol·Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network·Brooklyn Museum·bklyn boihood·BUFU·BWA for BLM·brASS burlesque·Canvas·CAPOEIRA MUÇURUMIM·Casitas Wisdom·Defend Corona·Defend Puerto Rico·Discwoman·Fake Accent·Femmepremacy·Get Artists Paid·House of Diablos·Harriet’s Apothecary·Haute Sauce·Herban Cura·Hot Cabinet·Jahajee Sisters·Knockdown Center·KUNQ·Laundromat Project·La Finca Del Sur·Melodic Trip Media·May Day Space·Mi Casa No Es Su Casa·MINKA·Museum Teen Summit·NGR·No Flowers for Yt Powers·Odiosas·Queer Abstract·QTPOC Mental Health Initiative·Ragga·Powrplnt·Re:Construccion Project·Regeneración Childcare NYC·Queens Museum·Rhythm & Breath·Sacred Vibes Apothecary·Sister Circle Collective·Secret Project Robot Experiment·Smart Girl Club·South Asian Diaspora Artists Collective·SULA Collective·Starr Bar·Students for Justice in Palestine·Sweety’s·TestOURmonials Project·White Noise Collective·Yellow Jackets Collective·

A four week lead up of programing building towards a gathering: sharing strategies, resources, skills between/on collectives. Focusing on how we build together through organizing, healing, nightlife, art, etc.


Thank you to the Citizens Committee NYC Neighborhood grant for our $2,000 grant, thank you Learning Gardens Nursery Grant for $300 for our 2-trip metrocards for July, and thank you Kettle Chips for our Kettle Chips sponsorship for the month!